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Obligations and rights of the membership


  1. To enter the centre, everyone should bring the member ID card for recording attendance.
  2. During the outdoor activities, everyone should bring the member ID card and wear the name tag for recognition. Name tag should be returned after the activities.
  3. Respect others and adhere to the rules of privacy.
  4. Adhere to the rules of membership, care of the centre property and keep the place clean.
  5. Dress properly. Spitting, smoking, swearing, fighting, gambling and harassment are forbidden.
  6. Take care of his personal belongings. The centre will not be responsible for any loss.
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  1. Can enjoy facilities and services of the centre. They can have the first priority to join the centre activities.
  2. Can receive the information of centre activities and services regularly.
  3. Will be protected from any kinds of violation or harassment.
  4. The personal privacy and dignity of each member are protected. All the personal information will be kept in secret.
  5. Can apply for the professional counseling and referral service.
  6. Can participate in different services, such as evaluation and project planning.
  7. Can provide advice or complaints to the centre