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Service for the elderly who have dementia

Awareness and Prevention of Dementia Service


  • Collaborate with the regional stakeholders for community education activities to enhance people’s awareness of dementia and encourage them to face it positively. With the support and caring for the patients and families, build a friendly community together.
  • Provide cognitive training for people who are suspected or diagnosed with mild or moderate dementia
  • Provide multiple supports for the carers of dementia patients to help them relieve stress

How to apply

Applicants should fill in the ‘Application form of the carer membership’ and submit it by visiting our centre in person. Our social workers responsible for the programme will evaluate the application and arrange suitable services.

Service object

  • Carers of people who are suspected or diagnosed with mild or moderate dementia
  • People who are referred by regional stakeholders and suspected or diagnosed with mild or moderate dementia
  • Local communities who have public education need

Support Programme for the Elderly with Dementia

  • Educate the public and train workers. Collaborate with different stakeholders and communities. Enhance the public awareness of Dementia and promote a friendly community.


  • Community collaboration and public education
  • Cognitive training
  • Emotional support service and counselling service: Support for different types of emotion and relieve the caring stress
  • Professional talk show, activities and support group: relieve stress and help to find out personal interests

How to Apply

  • Call our hotline 37412189, which is a platform for carers to receive the updated information of service, basic evaluation method of dementia, personal counselling and information of care skills
  • Visit the centre in person
  • Referred by social workers, healthcare workers, government departments or service organizations

If you have any enquiries of the service, please feel free to ask for a leaflet in the centre.

Protect Your Brain Zone

Provide social recourses for dementia to prepare the society for dementia